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A Bull Market

Cincinnati’s Findlay Market has finally come in tune with the times and offers an ascension of food….


On the corner of Main and Liberty, in OTR, sits the home of forkheartknife, an amazing eat-in kitchen and catering business.  I say amazing, because it’s the perfect descriptor for the food, the owners, the atmosphere, and the prices. With fruits and veggies they pick up at Findlay Market and other local farmers markets, they […]

Findlay Wine Tasting

    This past weekend at Findlay Market, in Downtown Cincinnati, we discovered an amazing beer and wine shop that offers $3 wine tastings on the weekends.  Market Wines, located through one of the historic storefronts that surround the market house, will supply you with 4 different types of wine, ranging from Rieslings to Zinfandel’s, with pours averaging in about a half […]