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Haunting Beauty

Some Places Are Like People. Some Shine… And Some Don’t.

Jello Molds

Bokja: Richly Textured Beauties

Lebanese designers created a line of furniture that combines vintage folk with modern design, producing one-of-a-kind pieces of functional art.

Candy Dandies

The Sapeurs’ motto is “Let’s drop the weapons, let us work and dress elegantly.”

It’s Good To Be A Kid

We’ve gathered some inspirational photos for you to flip through. Have fun. That’s what your kids would want you to do anyway.

It’s Karma

Want an easy way to bring color and pattern into a room?  Check out Karma Living’s new line of pillows and poufs – we’re wild about them. Inspired by both Moroccan and Eastern Indian styles, which we foresee to be trending this summer, they add a fun, worldly feel to any space.  Priced to sell, […]

Jamaican Bollywood Techno

Nathan Jenden has designed some beautifully tailored separates in basic black and white if the fluorescent taffeta bustle-backed skirts are a little too much for you.

A Sparkling Diamond

The mother of a Beastie Boy is pushing interior design boundaries like we’ve never seen. We have to say, she’s crafty.

Dark and Lovely

Dark walls have this tendency to render people stultified with fear. As a designer, I’ve learned a thing or two about what they can accomplish for a space.

Emerald City

In ancient Indian tradition, emeralds were supposed to grant good luck. In ancient Rome, emerald was the color associated with Venus, the goddess of beauty and love. Reason and wisdom are virtues believed to be brought to the wearers of the precious stones, but perhaps we wear emerald clothes simply because we think they’re beautiful. We […]

Big Ideas

BIG is an architecture firm based in and practicing mainly in Copenhagen that has been churning out some pretty innovative ideas.

White Brite

Collecting is a wonderful pastime, but some of us minimalists might find the collections of “stuff” a bit overwhelming.

The current Innovation Renaissance.

The Well-constructed Colors of the Rainbow…

Handmade in Brooklyn under the watchful eye of the Statue of Liberty the designs by “ruffeo hearts lil snotty” are hittin’ perfectly on the pulse of the moment.