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The Greenhornes – “★★★★”

While this title of this new album might be misinterpreted as a rating, that mistake would be understandable given the strength of this music.

Looking For Faireys

Every once and awhile, we are fortunate enough to be included in something big…..

Dining on York Street

What used to be a Pharmacy has been a staple, coolishly kitschy restaurant in the city-scene for some time.

Street Food

Street food, long the domain of the west coast has made it to Cincinnati….

Shepard Fairey: Supply and Demand

Perhaps you are familiar with some of his iconic campaigns, such as Obey Giant, Rock the Vote, and Hope? The show will be on display at the CAC from February to August.

Atomic Number 10

Atomic Number 10 is a bright new boutique that’s anything but bland.

(Em)power To The People

People are going back to basics in lots of good ways that we can get on board with.

Cumin – An Exotic Trip to the East Side

Once served with what we consider to be the perfect, non-sweet drink, we began to settle into the atmosphere.

Findlay Wine Tasting

    This past weekend at Findlay Market, in Downtown Cincinnati, we discovered an amazing beer and wine shop that offers $3 wine tastings on the weekends.  Market Wines, located through one of the historic storefronts that surround the market house, will supply you with 4 different types of wine, ranging from Rieslings to Zinfandel’s, with pours averaging in about a half […]

Makes You Melt…

The food is so powerfully good, that Melt qualifies unquestionably as one of Cincinnati’s best restaurants overall.

Pride & Joy

We went to the Cincinnati Pride Festival in Northside on Sunday…It was good energy all around.

Summer In The City

With summertime approaching, one blogger from HighStreet is willing to spill the beans on what makes the season of Summer in Cincinnati truly special for him.