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Fly Art

Who knew Renoir and the Notorious BIG had so much in common?

Seth Damm Knows the Ropes

Seth Damm of Neon Zinn deconstructs, hand dyes, contorts and knots rope into wearable (and wicked cool) art.

Woodsy, Woodsier, Woodsiest

Indulgently Dark and Sexy.

Jimmy Choo stiletto shoe founder Tamara Mellon’s luxe Upper East Side New York apartment.

Ryan McElhinney Toy Lamp

We are just loving what designer and sculptor Ryan McElhinney is doing with his old toys.

A Sparkling Diamond

The mother of a Beastie Boy is pushing interior design boundaries like we’ve never seen. We have to say, she’s crafty.

Dark and Lovely

Dark walls have this tendency to render people stultified with fear. As a designer, I’ve learned a thing or two about what they can accomplish for a space.

Barry Kite Aberrant Art

We can really neither define nor categorize these prints…