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HighStreet People

HighStreet People: Micah Paldino

NAME: Micah Paldino

BIRTHDAY: March 1 (Pisces)

HOME: Over The Rhine. Cincinnati. Ohio.

WORK: CEO, Peanut Butter + Jelly

HighStreet People: April Combs

NAME: April BIRTHDAYS: April Eighth, which is why my new kid’s music project is called “April Eight.” There is no doubt that I am an Aries Aries Aries for better and for worse. WORK: I write songs and I sing them– it is pure joy and I have finally allowed myself to commit fully to doing it. My […]

HighStreet People: Jeffrey van Sluys and S. Watts Taylor

NAMES: Jeffrey van Sluys and S. Watts Taylor BIRTHDAYS: Jeffrey (July 15th), Watts (December 23rd). We are both cardinal zodiac signs. WORK: Jeffrey: Senior Stylist at Salon Urbanity, painter and fashionista. Watts: LSS Black Belt, author, miniaturist, activist and indefatigable gadfly. HOME: Clifton MOTIVATION: Jeffrey: My need to create and to reinvent something that has […]

HighStreet People: Stacy Sims

BIRTHDAY: January 23rd (Aquarius)
HOME: Over the Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio.
WORK: Playwright, novelist, activist, mover.

Maggie Smith

BIRTHDAY: August 12 (Leo)

HOME: Hyde Park. Cincinnati. Ohio.

WORK: Velvet Antler jewelry. Owner. Designer.

Mike Uhlenhake

NAME: Mike Uhlenhake

BIRTHDAY: July 13 (Cancer)

HOME: Over the Rhine. Cincinnati. Ohio.

WORK: Architect. Principal at Michael Uhlenhake, Architect.

HighStreet People: Kathy Wilson

BIRTHDAY: April 26 (Taurus)

HOME: Walnut Hills. Cincinnati. Ohio.

WORK: Contributing Senior Editor at Cincinnati Magazine.

HighStreet People: Jil & Jimmy Baker

NAME: Jil & Jimmy Baker

BIRTHDAY: Jil – August 8 (Leo) Jimmy – August 2 (Leo)

HOME: Northside. Cincinnati. Ohio.

HighStreet People: Steve Weinstein

NAME: Steve Weinstein

BIRTHDAY: June 12th

HOME: Blue Ash. Ohio.

WORK: Envoi Design. Owner. Partner.

HighStreet People: Tanya Hoggard

Name: Tanya Hoggard
Birthday: Mar 31, Aries
Home: Oakley, Cincinnnati.
Work: Flight Attendant. Photographer. Adventurer.

HighStreet People: Brent Miller

Birthday: Feb 12, Aquarius
Home: Over-The-Rhine. Cincinnati

Work: Proctor & Gamble Beauty. External Relations.

HighStreet People: Dana Hamblen

Sun sign: Aries
Home: Camp Washington
Work: Motion design coordinator. Retailer. Rocker.