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Haunting Beauty

Some Places Are Like People. Some Shine… And Some Don’t.

Sublimely Surreal

To live within the realm of the absurd, the unconscious, the surreal, is to live in a state of wonder. Spending time in environments like these makes us feel alive.


There was something really sexy about the Industrial-Victorian Era. We’re not sure if it was the laced corsets, the candid facial hair, or perhaps simply the excitement of an ever-evolving world, but there was something attractive about this period of constant discovery. Turn-of-the-century science-fiction novelists capitalized on the rapid pace at which society was transforming and so […]

Intelligent Design.

The work of Texas-based firm Lake | Flato is creating something more meaningful than architecture alone.

The Feature Furnishing

All your attention grabbing accessory or piece of furniture needs is room to shine.

Indulgently Dark and Sexy.

Jimmy Choo stiletto shoe founder Tamara Mellon’s luxe Upper East Side New York apartment.

Baumraum: Tree-Room

This firm makes their clients’ ultimate childhood dream a reality.

It’s Good To Be A Kid

We’ve gathered some inspirational photos for you to flip through. Have fun. That’s what your kids would want you to do anyway.

A Sparkling Diamond

The mother of a Beastie Boy is pushing interior design boundaries like we’ve never seen. We have to say, she’s crafty.

Dark and Lovely

Dark walls have this tendency to render people stultified with fear. As a designer, I’ve learned a thing or two about what they can accomplish for a space.

Nomada Magica

Paola Navone is a quixotic genius. Her soul overflows with flavors, textures and colors from the East contrasted with forms and structures of the West.

Shades of Green

Mr. Shanley has had a lifelong fascination with color and its ability to elicit responses and reminiscences. The specific shade he chooses is closely tied to his emotional state-of-mind at the time, be it an unsettling acid green or a vigorous kelly green.

The Impact of Black and White

As a designer, I have long believed in the value of a little black and a little white in every room.  I’ve often said every room should have a bit of one or the other or both.  As I’ve matured, I have come to appreciate black and white in a deeper, more meaningful way. Black […]

White Brite

Collecting is a wonderful pastime, but some of us minimalists might find the collections of “stuff” a bit overwhelming.

Hot. Hot. Hot – Abigail Ahern

…an interior designer, stylist, and merchant that has one beautiful home.

Mixing it Up. Designer Jay Jeffers

Who’s for mixing Regency with random Mid-Century? We are.

A Summer of Excellence.

Metropolitan Home’s “Cool Summer Issue” this July/August is full of substance, particularly architectural and innovative.

Ilse Crawford – Creative Director and Designer

At the risk of sounding a little James Lipton, her resumé bleeds competence and reeks of genius…

It’s the small stuff…

The demystifying of Interior Design is something of importance to us…