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Back In ’93 – The Anniversary Hip Hop’s Golden Year


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It’s really hard to come to grips with this, but hip-hop is getting old. Like, literally. You know, it did start in the late 70s, so that would make it around 35 now, right? We know, we’re in total denial about this too.

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Through the years it’s been through many evolutions. From breakbeats to the Beastie Boys to gangsta rap to grime to conscious to Kanye, hip hop has quite a rich history. We love it all, but we’ve really been feeling the classics lately, the old school stuff.

Hip hop is celebrating the 20 year anniversary of its golden year, 1993. Technically, the golden years of hip hop are the late eighties to early nineties – 1986 to 1993 – but it has been argued that 1993 was the peak, and we are inclined to agree. Many classic albums were released that year – Dr. Dre’s The Chronic, Wu-Tang’s 36 Chambers, A Tribe Called Quest’s Midnight Marauders, Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle, KRS-One’s Return of the Boom Bap, De La Soul’s Buhloone Mindstate along with many others.

This year, hip hop enthusiasts have been paying homage to this time period in many ways. Some are throwing parties where only hip hop tracks released in ’93 are played. The classic albums have been reviewed all over again by writers expressing reverence to the masterpieces that have inspired them all these years.

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Comparisons are being made of the two years, 1993 and 2013, two decades apart in blogs and magazines. It’s totally in line with all of the 90’s throw back trends going on right now in fashion, music, and culture in general. Check out these very 90’s hip hop inspired styles looking fresh for 2013.

SiriusXM’s classic hip hop station Backspin has been the #1 station on our satellite radio dial these days. It’s where we’ve been reminiscing of the good old days when videos like this were breaking ground on Yo! MTV Raps:

We hope you’re enjoying this as much as we are.



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