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HighStreet People: April Combs

NAME: April

BIRTHDAYS: April Eighth, which is why my new kid’s music project is called “April Eight.” There is no doubt that I am an Aries Aries Aries for better and for worse.

WORK: I write songs and I sing them– it is pure joy and I have finally allowed myself to commit fully to doing it. My harmony music project with Laurie Burnham and my brother James Combs is called Honneycombs. My song “Little Moon” was placed on HBO’s True Blood last summer.

HOME: Columbia-Tusculum.

MOTIVATION: The word motivation for me feels like pushing a boulder of projects up a gigantic hill.  I worked so hard for so long pushing that boulder that now the mere thought of it makes me want to take a nap. Now the only way I can move forward on anything is to feel completely 100% compelled to do it – like a wild horse couldn’t stop the flow of inspiration spurting out of me.

OBJECTS OF AFFECTION: Well, I’d really rather not do without my spectacular husband, Michael Mann, and my sweet girls, Lyla and Mia. Nama Rococo Wallpaper. Eames Design: The Work of the Office of Charles and Ray Eames. Cream Puffs from Take the Cake. Gina Weathersby photography – Kiwi Street Studios.

OTHERWISE OBSCURED FACTS: Most people in Cincinnati have no idea that Michael and I used to be in a raucous alt-rock band, Arson Garden, back in the last 80’s/early 90s. We toured all over the US and Europe, record at Prince’s Paisley Park, John Mellencamp’s Belmont Mall and at Pachyderm, where Nirvana made their last album. We also did a Peel Session for the legendary John Peel on BBC Radio 1, were on MTV and played Lalapalooza. It was seriously FUN!

MY HIGHSTREET: Is it too cheesy to say that HighStreet makes me feel like I’m still part of the rest of the world? The aesthetic is so smart and so gorgeous.  I’m always surprised, delighted and amazed when I walk through the doors. And the wondrous book section – thank God for the book section! Having done the International Contemporary Furniture shows in NYC with my sister Karen, I am pretty up on “Design”. HighStreet makes it all fresh and relevant to the Cincinnati home. I don’t know how they do it, but I love that they do and that they do it right here in Cincinnati, Ohio. We are so lucky to have them!

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