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Moooi horse lamp via

Do it. Go ahead. You know you want it.

That 1960’s psychedelic print vintage upholstered arm chair. You’re not quite sure why, but it’s been calling your name. You can’t get it out of your head. You know you love it, but you find it intimidating. “What will I ever do with it? Where will I put it?” you keep asking yourself. We know what you can do with it. Feature it. Be proud. Make it the focal point of your room.

Jean Paul Gaultier for Roche Bobois armoire via


At HighStreet we believe you should love your things. We encourage people to let themselves fall in love with objects, and make them work within their homes. Walking into your living room does not have to remind you of flipping the pages of a designer furniture catalog. Not everything has to match. Personal style begins with working with the things you feel a strong connection to- and then filling in the blanks around those things. Find those items that you love and build your room around them.


If you are feeling a bit apprehensive about bringing an attention grabbing object into your home, play down the pieces around it. The moment you start feeling overwhelmed by your space, start taking things away- let your star item breathe. All it needs is a little room to shine. We can just about guarantee you can find a way to make the piece work if you really love it. Your attention grabbing piece of furniture or decor just needs the right backdrop.

ornately guilded sofa via

Flower of Life Chandelier via




Here are some to-die-for feature feature furnishings we’ve stumbled upon…

  • Limited edition Jean Paul Gaultier for Roche Bobois armoire. Its digital print tattoo design definitely makes it a statement piece.
  • And who wouldn’t love the life-size horse lamp by Moooi keeping them company in their living room (square footage permitting of course).
  • This lovely ornately gilded sofa gets a modern twist upholstered in black patent leather.
  • Intricately beaded and designed around the flower of life geometry, this stunning chandelier by Willowlamp Studio is sure to stop your visitors in their tracks.

Decorating your house should be fun- don’t let yourself shy away from something that’s a little indulgent, avant-garde, or even childlike. You should enjoy your pieces, be courageous and try something bold. Your dinner guests will no doubt be impressed.


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