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Killing Us Softly (and Thoughftully)


Now you see them, now you don’t — the stealthy, crafty, yarn bombers of the BombShells aren’t messing around. These savy stitchers have been beautifying the city of Cincinnati, personalizing public landmarks with light-hearted, brightly-colored cozies and cool, decorative knits.

Yarn bombing (also known as yarn storming, guerrilla knitting, or graffiti knitting) is a growing movement of feminine, artistic-expression through public installations of knitted or crocheted street art. Unlike graffiti, the result of which can be inspiring or destructive – the yarn bomb installations are harmless and non-permanent.  Originating in Texas with knitters who were trying to find a creative use for their unfinished projects, the practice grew into a global movement to reclaim and personalize public space that lacked a warmth of character. Street signs, trees,fences, benches, and statues are a few of the choice substraits selected for adornment.

At HighStreet, we were charmed enough to have been “bombed” some time Saturday morning by these elusive BombShells’ stitchers. It’s obvious that these people are more than mere hobbyists, ‘Fiber Artists” seems more appropriate.  We understand they appear in cognito, donning blonde wigs and wearing sunglasses.  A secret society of what we suspect are pretty accomplished ladies, looking to lift the spirits of the city with their efforts.

Keep an eye out for their handiwork throughout the city, follow their blog and perhaps, friend them on Facebook.  With new friends we don’t know, sporting names the likes of Pinky Shears, Yum Yum, Boo Radley and FrogRoyale, we’re following them for sure!  We find them utterly delightful!  As they say,

“We may be super sexy and secretive, but we BombShells have hearts of gold silk.”

Sarah Pytlik. HighStreet. CIncinnati

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