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HighStreet People: Stacy Sims

NAME: Stacy Sims

BIRTHDAY: January 23rd (Aquarius)

HOME: Over the Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio.

WORK: Playwright, novelist, activist, mover.

MOTIVATION: Making up for lost time (aka the 80s).

OBJECTS OF AFFECTION: Words. Good deeds. Collaborating with smart people. Movement. Breath. Nick Sharp. An attractive view. A home cooked meal. Skinny jeans. Frye boots. My turquoise earrings.

OTHERWISE OBSCURED FACT: “I kissed Bono of U2. Twice.”

STACY’S HIGHSTREET: “I am not kidding, my entire apartment is Highstreet. I used to live above Leah’s first store. In those days, I could have taken a test on the inventory and scored 100%. I used to know the minute I walked in the door if there was a new piece of merchandise. More often than was advisable, I bought. In fact, I just counted 34 things in three rooms that I bought from Highstreet over the years.”

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