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A Bull Market

Since 1855, Findlay Market is one of Cincinnati’s treasures. But let’s be honest, for years the stalls were filled with cheap meats and produce. It was nifty to bring out-of-towners here and brag about the history of the place, but for actual sustainable groceries on a day to day basis, this was not the place to go. Thank goodness for the organic movement and more recently the lovacore concept of locally based ingredients. Findlay Market has embraced these and has finally come in tune with the times and offers an ascension of food that rivals Cleveland’s West Side Market and Columbus’ North Market.

Culinary mainstays in the market such as Madison’s and Silverglades, have been joined by some pretty impressive restaurants, bars, take away stands, and bakeries in the past two years to satisfy the most demanding gourmand.

Take for instance newcomer Skirtz & Johnston, a fine pastrie and chocolatier shop that also serves a limited deli menu. An adjacent dining room is available for not only lunch but for private and corporate gatherings. In addition the interior of this spot is also quite pleasant we must say.

Pho Lang Thang is a groovy new Vietnamese restaurant with a young hip staff, cool interiors, and an excellent soundtrack to your meal. Everything on the menu is outstanding and reasonably priced. Bowls of Pho’, the national soup of Vietnam, enough for several people, cost under $8. Vietnamese sandwiches served on baguette bread, left over from French Indochine rule, are flavorful and come stuffed with fresh vegetables and meats of your choice.

A place near and dear to our hearts, being the Anglophiles that we are is on the west end of the market, Churchill’s Tea Room. With walls of dozens of different tea varieties, teapots, and exquisite service sets, you will not be disappointed.

We are so proud of our friend, Jean Francois, a Belgian who is thriving at Findlay with his ever-expanding Taste Of Belgium brand waffles and now assorted cakes, pies, and even authentic French macarons. His waffle irons and flour are imported from Belgium to give his waffles authenticity. If you have not had a fresh Belgian waffle, here is your opportunity.

Several prepared food stalls are within the eastern end of the market, offering gourmet take away fare. World Food Bar and Fresh Table both serve food that is far too complicated for us to make, yet we can buy it at reasonable cost and with no effort on our part.

For vino lovers, there is Market Wines equipped with a full wine bar, shop, extensive beer selection, and light foods. They offer many wine tastings and events throughout the year.

Other stalls include an excellent gelato bar, sushi, gourmet sausages, and spices…the list goes on and on.

With the Brewery District around the market being restored, the planned streetcar line passing nearby, and countless events, Findlay Market is poised for continued growth. With what has happened there in the past two years as an indicator, we can’t wait for the Market’s future. Bon appetit!


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