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Obscura Indeed

Remember walking into class for the first time at a new school?  Kind of overwhelming right? You didn’t know what to do.  You weren’t sure where to start.  Sort of like a “deer in headlights” experience.  That’s what stepping into Obscura feels like…and it’s a fraction of even the smallest school cafeteria – it’s a whopping 50’ long by 15’ wide.  What it lacks in size, though, it makes up for in utter intrigue.

Obscura is a tiny antiques and oddities shop in the uber-hip and eclectic East Village, NYC.  They house a plethora of obscure and undeniably obsessive goods.

While stock varies over time, only at Obscura will you come across things like a taxidermied toad, classic anatomical models, half-a-century-old pamphlets like one on how to play a harmonica through a newspaper, authentic mining helmets and lanterns, nearly a century-old fraternal, YMCA, and community theatre costumes, ancient pharmaceutical tools, and even antique gentlemen’s walking sticks.

In our endless pursuit of all things unique and inspiring, we just had to stop in and say hi.  We were happy to learn taking photos was welcomed.  Here are a few of our favorites for you to observe and (hopefully) enjoy. Talk about a conversation starter.

HighStreet. Cincinnati.

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  1. Vulli says:

    I have an image of a little alligator I purchased from Obscura.

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