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Juniper Ridge – Western Wild Goods

We, at HighStreet, LOVE the outdoors.  Who doesn’t, really?  It is so nice to get away from time to time to experience the crisp mountain air, the dry, sandy deserts, the windy, coastal beach towns, to swim in the sweet, salty ocean and dig our toes into the rich soil of the Earth.  It brings us a feeling of content, to immerse ourselves in the natural elements that surround us, like a great embrace.

Being rooted in the Midwest, in a mid-sized city, it is sometimes hard to come into contact with nature on a daily basis.  When you do get out, you just want to bottle up those smells and bring them back home with you.  Juniper Ridge, of Berkely, California, is doing just that with their incense, soaps, sachets, and many other wildcrafted products.  They go out in to the mountains and deserts of the West and pick real wild plant trimmings to make all of their products, and they never add anything fake, so you are always getting the real thing.

Fresh-from-the-mountain scents are here at HighStreet, ready to fill your home and your nostrils.


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