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On the corner of Main and Liberty, in OTR, sits the home of forkheartknife, an amazing eat-in kitchen and catering business.  I say amazing, because it’s the perfect descriptor for the food, the owners, the atmosphere, and the prices.

With fruits and veggies they pick up at Findlay Market and other local farmers markets, they create daily tapas-style menus offering dishes that are simple, stunning, and sure to satiate.  It’s the perfect place to bring a few friends and share a few dishes.  Owned and operated by Sierra Laumer and Leah Heisel Grande, it’s friends and family that have fueled it’s emergence.

After losing her sister Jenna, an inspiration to anyone who was fortunate enough to know her, myself included, to Cancer this past January, Sierra hit the ground running with her dream of one day starting her own business.  It was always something that she and Jenna had talked about doing and so with the aid of her long-time friend Leah, and the helping hands of so many others, forkheartknife became a reality.

The catering aspect of forkhearknife keeps them busy for the better half of the week, with the space being available for private parties.  Currently, they are open for dinner Thursday’s and Friday’s and on Sunday’s for brunch.  They list the day’s menu on their facebook page, which makes it simple to check before you go, however you can rest assure that they leave no room for disappointment.

With Sierra’s Culinary Degree from Cincinnati State, she has always been inspired by the infinite potential of food – with it’s powers to heal, to bring people together, and to fascinate the senses.  It’s happiness she is selling, really.  You cannot walk out without feeling the sense of heart that has been so carefully nestled in-between your fork and your knife.

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