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A Graphic Designer To Watch: Neil Kellerhouse

As we’ve been roaming the streets and subways of NYC, a couple movie posters recently caught our eye. Both feature dark, saturated close ups of the main character’s face, with white text running boldy over the image. The posters that immediately drew us in are for The Social Network and I’m Still Here. We had to investigate who was the brain was behind these works.

Neil Kellerhouse is a Los Angeles based graphic designer who is responsible for dozens more incredibly well done movie posters. Most often working in a dark color palette or sepia tones, many of his posters are eerie, almost haunting. Kellerhouse’s color choices work well with the movies in which he has been commissioned (mostly dramas, horror films or dark comedys). We absolutely love his play on light, which is what initially drew us into his work.

We will be keeping our eyes peeled for more posters by this guy. We are looking forward to seeing what he will do next.

HighStreet.New York

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