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Looking For Faireys

Every once and awhile, we are fortunate enough to be included in something big. If you live in Cincinnati, you know what we are about to talk about. The street artist Shepard Fairey has a HUGE exhibit at the Contemporary Arts Center and the opening night of the show was legendary. What was bigger for us was that same day of the opening, Mr. Fairey and his team of artisans spent the afternoon with us plastering massive murals outside our studio walls. We got the Obey Giant on our roof signage, a 10′ x 10′ mural on a side wall and a large 30′ x 10′ mural right by our front door. But we weren’t the only ones to get murals. He selected special locations all over the Cincinnati area. Street art indeed…for everyone.

Well now the CAC show is coming to a close. But the shrewd staff of the CAC has another trick up their sleeve to keep the Shepard Fairey interest going….a Scavenger Hunt Game. Take your iphone or Android phone, download the SVNGR app and start the fun. We will all whip out our HighStreet iphones and play along. Maybe we will see you at a mural. Happy hunting!


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