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Maggie Smith

NAME: Maggie Smith

BIRTHDAY: August 12 (Leo)

HOME: Hyde Park. Cincinnati. Ohio.

WORK: Velvet Antler jewelry. Owner. Designer.

MOTIVATION: “I need constant visual stimulation- stirring images of people and objects. I can’t turn it off, whether I’m awake or asleep.”

OBJECTS OF AFFECTION: Oil painting. Working with cardboard. My huge “hunting horn” chandelier made of antique brass horns that took me years to collect. The Lower East Side of Manhattan. Vivienne Westwood. Dries van Noten. Martin Margiela. People with attitude and big hearts. Animals, both live and stuffed. Found objects for my jewelry and sculptures. Good whiskey, vodka, and dark chocolate. Ned Stern- my love and creativity in life. My sons Eben, Ethan, and Noah. My jewelry – since I could not find anything that felt right on me. My closet. My hair. Myself.

OTHERWISE OBSCURED FACT: “I used to illustrate children’s books for major publishing companies. My eldest son Eben has a few tattoos of the illustrations. They suit him well.”

MAGGIE’S HIGHSTREET: “I do own many things from HighStreet and am highly respectful of my treasures. However, when I walk into the store I’m overwhelmed with ideas and want to walk out wearing everything. A skirt made of John Derian decoupaged plates wired together , the Future Retrieval porcelain rat and rooster figures perched on my shoulders, and the oversized orange Designers Guild blanket wrapped around me to keep the sun from searing my skin. Just a little glimpse of HighStreet through my eyes.”

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