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Baumraum: Tree-Room

It’s summertime and all we wanna do is spend lazy days outside, enjoying the warmth of the sun, amongst the beautiful seasonal flowers and fresh greenery. And once we’ve reached our limit of UV rays, we can’t think of anything better (within the tri-state area) than finding refuge under a big, shady tree… and if we’re lucky enough, catching a cool breeze through the leafy branches.

There are some people on this planet that are a step ahead of us when it comes to taking advantage of what Mother Earth has to offer. Baumraum or ‘tree-room’ is a German based studio that specializes in sustainable, livable, amazingly sturdy tree houses. The firm consists of architects, landscape designers, tree experts and craftsmen who make each client’s ultimate childhood dream a reality. We mean really, can you imagine how much fun having your own, functioning tree house could be? We are giddy thinking about the possibilities. Our inner seven-year-old is itching to come out and play.

Each Baumraum project is approached uniquely, taking the client’s wishes and also the tree into consideration. One of the firm’s major objectives in their designs is ensuring the protection and preservation of the trees where they build these livable dwellings. It is ensured that no damage is done to the trees chosen for the project.

The structures are typically built off-site and are then put together in the tree, held up by cables, textile belts, and the natural sturdiness of the tree. Each project is different, but some of the tree houses they’ve build feature kitchens, heating, insulation, bedrooms, sound systems, glass windows, lighting, storage spaces, and plumbing.

The Baumraum group doesn’t prefer any one wood in particular, they use different types depending on the project and the chosen tree where the home will be built. Each creation is designed in a way to embrace and enhance the environment it is built into. The structures have many windows and outdoor seating, so you can have as much interaction with the tree as possible. Some signature design features include skylights, curved windows, wood paneling, aluminum cladding and railings, decks, and built-in seating, beds, and storage.

We’ve got to say, they’ve thought of everything. It’s not just a novel idea, it’s an actual functioning house. In a tree. Maybe we should rethink that house on the lake idea…


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