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Mr. Rhythm Man

It is 6:30 pm on a Saturday night. You are getting ready and pumped up for the big night out of the week. You and your girlfriends are trying on outfits or you are sitting out on the deck drinking a brew and watching the remains of the day before the big night out. How do you help along your good feeling and also amp up your mood at the same time? Here is our little answer for all you Queen City residents…tune in to your Daddy-O on the Radio, Mr. Rhythm Man.

Take a step back in time to the 1950’s and think of Wolfman Jack or any other radio dj who was too cool for school. WNKU, 89.7 fm on Saturday nights from 6 ’til 9 pm brings the Cincinnati area the coolest, hippest “Golden Oldies” music with one of the most knowledgeable music men around, Mr. Rhythm Man. The station also streams live on the internet. His bio and his fictional host of characters which include a stable of Mr. Rhythm Man Dancers are a bit campy, but the music cannot be denied. If you are looking for that funky, rare tune that you have only heard once and have never forgotten it, chances are Mr. Rhythm Man has it in his arsenal of albums. Call up the radio station and ask him to play it.

On a recent Saturday night, the songs played included three oldies by Dave Edmunds, “Having It All” by Eighth Wonder featuring Patsy Kensit, “Whip It On Me” by Sonny Raye, “You Showed Me” by The Turtles, and “Industrial Military Complex Hex” by The Steve Miller Band. All of these songs had that groove to get you going and were obscure enough to have you dying to know who sang that song. Of course Mr. Rhythm Man in his dry, know-it-all tone, told you the name of the song and artist but at the same time with dripping sarcasm told you he hoped your horse won the Kentucky Derby that day. After playing the smartest songs on the planet, Mr. Rhythm Man knows you like to be abused some too and that’s pretty cool in it’s own way. Give your Saturday night to WNKU and leave it on in the background. You’ll catch some nuggets of sound that will intrigue you and leave you feeling warm all over.

HighStreet. Cincinnati

6 Responses to “Mr. Rhythm Man”

  1. Shawn Stiver says:

    Dear Mr. Rhythm Man,

    I have trying to locate and identify a song that you played on the evening of April 28. I have studied your play list (and then Google the song), but have not been able to locate it. It was a Muddy Waters type of song where the singer kept repeating “I’m a —- cat”. “I’m a Bear Cat” . . . I would love to know the title and version of that song. Thanks!

  2. frank says:

    tweet tweet

  3. frank says:

    hey mr rythm man do the mr rhythm man dancers travle in incliment weather

  4. mr. rhythm man says:


    I just now came across this page, so I hope this belated reply finds you out there in computer-land. The song is probably “Bear Cat” by Rufus Thomas, on the Sun label, around 1954. There are a lot of early Sun compilations out there so it shouldn’t be too hard to find. The song was an answer to Big Mama Thorton’s “Hound Dog”….I think Big Mama’s label sued Sun for copyright infringement. Thus is show biz.

    Thanks for listening,

    MRM & The MRM Dancers

  5. mr. rhythm man says:

    Dear Frank,

    The MRM Dancers have been known to brave the elements.

    Thanks for tuning in…

    MRM & The MRM Dancers

  6. thewoodsareburningboys says:

    Mr. Rhythm Man, you were a great art teacher – truly inspiring. I tune in to the show and listen to the awesome music you play quite often. Just thanking you for everything you’ve done.

    Your former student

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