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Jamaican Bollywood Techno

Jamaican Bollywood Techno. This probably sounds a little intimidating to you minimalists out there- but never fear. Fashion Designer Nathan Jenden has designed some beautifully tailored separates in basic black and white if the fluorescent taffeta bustle-backed skirts are a little much for you.

Nathan Jenden’s Spring 2010 show was an exhilarating collection of kaleidoscopic prints, vivid color, and volume. Jenden fearlessly sent his models down the runway in striking fluorescent, sequins, and digitally engineered patterns. So many loud elements at once usually borderlines on a collection looking too garish. However Jenden grounded his collection with elegantly tailored jackets, pencil skirts, and silk blouses in jet black and stark white. We thought it was just enough to make us look at each piece as an independent, wearable garment.

The show had a multi-cultural theme- the models were all black and Asian, each sporting two high pigtail braids. The brightly colored tight mini dresses, frilly skirts and over sized hats had an old school Jamaican dancehall feel to them. Along with the Jamaican vibe Jenden also tapped into Indian culture for inspiration: Indian goddess prints, sari style wraps, and harem pants. Sparkly bangles stacked from wrist to elbow were paired with embellished 80s shades. The look was neon, ethnic glamour.

Nathan’s collection was a bit over the top for most women, but we found the show inspiring and really fun. We would love to pull some pieces from this collection to incorporate into our wardrobes this season. We want something lighthearted and full of energy after the harsh winter that felt like it would never end.

We only just heard of Nathan Jenden, but we like what we see-we know we won’t get bored. The British born designer studied at Central Saint Martens and the Royal College of Art, then going on to apprentice with John Galliano in the nineties. After working for Kenzo and Daryl K, he found himself at Diane von Furstenburg in 2001, where he would be Creative Director until just this past February. Jenden launched his own line in 2006, where he shared with the world his signature style: highly tailored, modern pieces. We are excited to see what he will show us next.

HighStreet.New York.

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