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Mike Uhlenhake

NAME: Mike Uhlenhake

BIRTHDAY: July 13 (Cancer)

HOME: Over the Rhine. Cincinnati. Ohio.

WORK: Architect. Principal at Michael Uhlenhake, Architect.

MOTIVATION: “Being fully engaged in the act of living.”

OBJECTS OF AFFECTION: The Earth and exploring it with my bicycle. Mountains. Swimmin’ holes. Laughing with friends. Thanksgiving. Inventiveness. Cohesiveness. Pragmatism. Chocolate milk. Bringing like-minded people together for a fun time. My vintage lederhosen. Fish frys in basements of really old Catholic churches in Dayton. My hickory hardwood floors. Well scripted film. Caprese salad in the summer. When waitresses call me ‘hun’ or ‘sweetie.’ Camping. Hiking. Being adventurous. Spring Grove Cemetery. Individual expression. When people make an effort.

OTHERWISE OBSCURED FACT: “I have the largest collection of original Farrah Fawcett photos in the tri-state which I started collecting in the sixth grade.”

MIKE’S HIGHSTREET: “Wandering around, studying, observing, and envisioning. Getting inspired by the different vignettes and displays- the owners have a good eye. I like the staff and the variety of goods. I am quite pleased with the Gus sectional sofa I purchased from HighStreet.”

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  1. Congratulations to Mr. Uhlenhake for being named 2010 Architect of the Year by the Over The Rhine Chamber of Commerce!

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