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It’s Good To Be A Kid

Raising children is an experience that warrants many joys- and one of the joys that particularly excites us is the aesthetic kind. (We bet you didn’t see that coming). But yes, not surprisingly the design opportunities that come along with children fill us with all sorts of fun ideas. Letting your imagination run wild results in delightful spaces for your happy little youngsters. You don’t have to restrain yourself like you do in the rest of your house.

Children love color. Experiment. There are plenty of fun wallpapers out there. Try one. Let your kids write on the walls; paint a wall with chalkboard paint.

Kids also love little cubbies or hiding spots. Create a cozy nook for them to nuzzle up with their favorite book. Build an indoor tree house. Make a teepee. Create a forest canopy.

It’s easy to get clever with storage and organization too. Use colorful bins for toy storage on a bookcase. Build a cupboard that looks like a miniature sky scraper. Display toys like pieces of contemporary art on floating shelves.

We’ve gathered some inspirational photos for you to flip through. Have fun. That’s what your kids would want you to do anyway.


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