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“E Pluribus Venom”

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E Pluribus Venom is a compilation of much of the impressive work produced by Shepard Fairey that was presented at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in the summer of 2007.

Literally translating to “Out of Many, Poison”, E Pluribus Venom is an evident play on the U.S Governments motto E Pluribus, Unum (Out of Many, One), which appears on U.S. dollars and coins.  According to Fairey, a society will only decline as many become one and individual power is loss.  The artwork of E Pluribus Venom is designed to question the symbols and methods of the American machine and the American dream.

Faireys enigmatic use of metaphor, humor, and stimulating graphics through paint, screen print, collage, and stencil reveal an intriguing yet exquisite conclusion.

Come see it for yourself.  We’ve got them at HighStreet (signed copies while they last!).


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