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Street Food

Everyone in Cincinnati likes to look to Portland for inspiration on issues like public streetcars.  We at HighStreet have always envied their food carts. Located throughout the downtown area and in pockets in the suburbs, the Portland food trucks gather together in little enclaves offering everything from Mexican and Thai to Polish delicacies. Everytime we go there we come home with foodie stars in our eyes.

Well the food trucks have finally arrived in our city and we are jumping for joy. These trucks have caught on in popularity recently due to the severe recession. Simply put, the food trucks do not have as much overhead as a traditional restaurant and can offer a cheaper product. The food is of a good quality and the only concession the consumer must make is to eat on foot or in the car.

The Cincinnati food trucks have seemingly popped up overnight. Currently there are three trucks operating with another scheduled to begin service in the next few weeks. Habanero restaurant, long a staple in the Clifton area, has a truck that cruises the streets and special events serving burritos.

Senor Roys is another Mexican food truck most often parked during lunch at Main and Central Parkway downtown.  Their website announces their location schedule but it is advisable to follow them on twitter as well for any changes that may come up. The food is decent and there is always a line of customers which bodes well for them.

Our favorite so far is Cafe de Wheels. Usually for lunch they are located at Walnut and Court Streets downtown. At night, they seem to migrate to the Clifton area. The fare for this truck is mainly of the burger variety, however, they also serve a wicked portabello mushroom philly and an incredible Cuban sandwich. The accompanying french fries are served scaldingly hot and come in a few different versions from plain or sweet potato to feta cheese covered. This truck also offers deserts from apple crisp to homemade pudding.  Following these guys on twitter is also advisable for the latest updates.

A new truck on the horizon promises an authentic Mexican menu. Taco Azul food truck is gearing up to serve food well into the early morning hours in town and may well hit it big with this concept. We can’t wait.

With the weather getting warmer there is only one thing to do…hit the streets.  Bon apetit!

Michael Spurrier. HighStreet. Cincinnati

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