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The Bucky Bar

Spontaneous parties are the best. We know, we have spontaneous dance parties at HighStreet weekly. Often while remerchandising, we find ourselves compelled by a fresh new song on the HighStreet soundtrack, and we have to take a much deserved pause… and break it down. You know, no big deal.

DUS Architecten and Studio for Unsolicited Architecture feel the same way. Last month they circulated a flyer for The Bucky Bar in Amsterdam, which read “A spontaneous public building… beers, umbrellas and DJs Chrille Brun and Per Handsome.”

The firms built a Buckminster Fuller (inventor of the geodesic dome) inspired structure on a street corner composed solely of orange umbrellas, and threw a party. There were djs, drinks, and a bunch of cool people. 300 of them actually hung around in the freezing cold to dance.

Now you have a spontaneous party. With or without umbrellas. Then come by HighStreet and share.


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