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Seemingly influenced by the likes of Nirvana and The Replacements, the Whigs have all the musculature of a band going places.  The chaos they portray onstage has not got the mania of a typical rock and roll band, it is controlled.  Each move has the orchestration of practice and the power of proper punctuation. Pushing only so far in each direction, they have managed to accomplish a clear, practiced, powerful sound that performs for you inasmuch as you need it to.  You find yourself getting caught up in what seems to be a slightly romantic message packaged in strong, straightforward guitar rock.  Hair flying and lead-singer zipping across the stage, you sense that this three-piece comprises a band that has a good head on its shoulders. Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman, the Whigs are ready to take you for a very pleasant, thrilling rock n’ roll ride.

Their latest..”In The Dark” is head and shoulders above any other rock band out there today. Get their three studio albums and see the progression. It cannot be denied. In Cincinnati we were honored to witness the debut of  “Someone’s Daughter” when they played at the Mad Hatter. Let’s hope you have a special moment with this trio yourself.

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