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A Tribute

Alexander McQueen 2010 ad campaign via

Great things come from being under pressure. The dark, elegant beauty that the late Alexander McQueen produced for the fashion world we now understand came from a place of passion, creativity and personal affliction. His work was so inspirational and original. He pushed boundaries and made you think beyond the clothing. We were great fans of his art, thus we found it necessary to acknowledge his genius. A tribute to Lee Alexander McQueen.

Lee Alexander McQueen 1969-2010

McQueen’s shows were legendary; shocking and dramatic. Seats at his fashion shows were highly coveted due to the unexpected theatrics the audience would experience. McQueen liked to push the envelope, try things no one else had attempted before, and often with dark, psychological undertones. Some of his most memorable moments include creating a live human game of chess, sending a model down the runway with a pair of wolves on leashes, and orchestrating a thunder storm complete with rain, soaking the models and their couture garments.

Check out this interview that took place only 18 months ago. McQueen describes his vision behind his shows.

We thought we would leave you with some of our favorite McQueen looks from over the years and a behind the scenes video of his Fall 2008 collection. Also check out this link to a retrospective on his work.

We are sad to see his time come to an end so soon.

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