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Lush and Lavish. Livingetc.

At HighStreet, we are inspired by anything worthy – regardless of genre. Movies, music, history, nature, events, people, whatever catches the eyes or ears in a given day. But as we’ve mentioned, one of the fastest ways we get our fix is through the imported periodical . And certainly, flipping through a new copy of British interior design magazine Livingetc every month is quite the delight.

As you know, we are totally inspired by the Brits. They like to play and experiment… they are not afraid to have fun with design. Every issue is fresh, vibrant and colorful, full of lavish imagery. Mixing high-end products with inexpensive pieces is an area where the English excel. The Livingetc writers are always featuring clever do-it-yourself projects for you to try at home.

Next time you come to visit us at HighStreet, pick up a copy. We have not been disappointed by an issue yet.


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