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Florae Fantasies

Towers via

Towers via

Daydreaming – we all do it. Certainly it is not one of the more productive or efficient faculties of the human psyche. These spontaneous meanderings are however,  vital to the health of our emotive core. The existence of these otherworldly fantasies is what makes the monotonies of our routines bearable.

Daydreaming happens when we look at the mesmerizing images of Petra Borner. Such an ethereal reaction to her work would seem to be the design of the artist.  Although she currently works out of East London, Ms. Borner spent many childhood summers by the Baltic Sea sewing, weaving and hand-dyeing fabrics in the small town of Kalmar, Sweden. Currently bound to her urban surroundings, the inspiration for her collection is a return to the pastoral tranquility of her youth. She is stirred by flora, animals and other organic occurrences.

Petra Borner studied Fashion at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. Her early professional positions were with Seraph-Sherald Lamden in London and Susan Cianciolo in New York. She soon realized that Illustration was her true passion, yet one can see the influences of pattern and fabric in her trademark style. She has developed truly versatile techniques that delve into varied media. Cut-paper collages, printmaking and textile art are but a few of her vehicles. Her impressive client list includes Lulu Guinness, Elle, Penguin Books, Habitat, IKEA, Louis Vuitton, Cacherel and Selvedge. Rumor has it that one of her new projects involves snowboards.

Daydreaming – we cannot stop floating off into Ms. Borner’s mysterious realms when confronted with her botanical beings and jolting color palettes. She is a master designer of color/shape/texture/space. The hypnotic qualities of her intrinsically tumbling and entwining compositions are euphorically phantasmagorical.

What can we say? We are spellbound.


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  1. I. Eugenia says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Paula Grace says:

    These are gorgeous! Wonderful detail.

  3. Paula Grace says:

    Love this post! You guys always show such great art.

    OMG! What a great use of pipes. Now that is repurposing to its a finest!

    Hey, I wanted to let you know about a new party I am hosting on Tuesdays. Its called Timeless Tuesday. It begins February 2nd. The party is about classics in many areas ~ interior design, fashion, cooking and entertaining, art, music….even trends that folks would like to see beome timeless classics. I’d love for you to participate. I think it will be a wealth of information in one place plus your blog is one of my classics.

    Here’s the link to the post I wrote telling everyone about it ~

    I hope you and your readers join in the fun!

    Paula Grace ~

  4. Carla says:

    I absolutely love these designs! Christmas Card is one of my favorites.

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