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Har Mar Superstar

Wow. We mean WOW. We’ve never seen anything like this before. Where did he get those moves? That style? Those sequins? That… beer belly?? What planet did this guy come from? He’s a totally unexpected sex symbol.

We saw Har Mar Superstar on Jimmy Fallon a couple months back and we haven’t been the same since. He is an amazing performer–dancing with an impressive amount of energy, even pulling off headstands while singing. His costumes are eccentrically stylish—often during his performances he strips them off until he is down to his flashy underwear.

Surprisingly, this has been going on for a quite a while. Musician Sean Tillmann has been making dancey R&B music under the stage name Har Mar Superstar for ten years. He has been featured on Jimmy Kimmel and Sharon Osborne over the years, and his last album The Handler was critically acclaimed. How did we miss him?

Tillmann, a Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and producer, created the Har Mar persona as “a reaction to boring indie rock and how people were taking themselves way too seriously.” As a songwriter, Tillmann has written songs for pop artists such as The Cheetah Girls, Jennifer Lopez and Kelly Osbourne. Some of the Har Mar songs started out as songs for these artists, but “it took [me] a minute to realize that the initial ideas worked perfectly as Har Mar Superstar songs.”

In Tillmann’s words, the Har Mar Superstar act is “about me going out and getting as sweaty as possible, moving around as much as I can, and in a sense glamouring everybody for the night and making them feel better about themselves.” Har Mar, we thank you for that. We love it.

Check out his latest album, Dark Touches.

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