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Nomada Magica

Otto 82 Daybed via

Otto 82 Daybed via

Italian-born designer Paola Navone always seems at ease and relaxed as she travels the world. Juxtaposed with her calm, beautifully refined presence  is a turbulent, visionary mind chewing up expected notions and banal convention.  She fluently morphs from architect, designer and art director to interior decorator and exhibition and event organizer. Through it all, her visions remain reflective and uncommon.

Born in 1952 in Balzona, the southern portion of Turin, a young girl quickly grew to learn the value of creation by handcrafting her own dolls and treasures. She rejected traditional paths that were envisioned for her by her parents. Constant were her environmental explorations in order to satisfy her self-described compulsive and all-consuming curiosity

Ms. Navone studied architecture at the Turin Polytechnic. Her early professional career was devoted to breaking through functional boundaries with her pieces. She gained widespread acclaim for her work with the Alchimia group, which opposed the structural design identity of that time by placing emphasis on colors, textures and decorative elements. Such avant-garde work was honored in 1983 by the reception of the prestigious International Design Award of Osaka. For the past thirty years, she has been an refreshing figure in the male-dominant Italian design scene.

Metal Garden Chair via

Metal Garden Chair via

Ms. Navone holds exceptional knowledge of a vast array of worldwide materials, whether Indian textiles, New Zealand wool, Moroccan fabrics orAsian stones. She is a true citizen of the world, dividing her time between Milan, Hong Kong, Paris and Greece. She envisions herself as an “enlightened and enlightening ethnic nomad’. She is known as an “objet magicienne”. She strives to create design mongrels by mingling modern brilliance with traditional handcraft, placing value on artistic conceptions born almost by mistake.

Over her long and prestigious career she has developed an immense client base and collaborated with pinnacle companies such as Abet Laminati, Armani Casa, Knoll International, Alessi,  Oltrefrontiera, Casamilano, Swarkovski, Dada and Poliform Egizia. Her expertise in exhibition design is evident in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. In 1988 she created the Mondo brand together with Giulio Cappellini. Movements credited to her intuition brought about large, assymmetrical lounge furniture as well as the shabby-chic look. Paola’s Gingerbread Collection for Lando is the pinnacle of creativity. Her recent works of interior architecture include the restaurant “Pane e Acqua” in Milan, the new Art Trading Office in Moscow and a new collaborative series of bathroom products with Viva Ceramica entitled “Drops”. She has designed her own home in Greece overlooking the Aegean Sea. Ms. Navone has been the art director of Gervasoni since 1988.

Paola Navone is a quixotic genius. Her soul overflows with flavors, textures and colors from the East contrasted with forms and structures of the West. Mechanized industrial steel outdoor furniture can be humanized with vintage German knit fabric cushions.  She jolts old-world craftmanship against new age industry. She believes the future look to be about many different styles unabashedly pieced together. The staff at HighStreet totally gets this and encourages such an approach for any homeowners looking to stylishly personify their own spaces .

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