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Red Flower Candle


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Red Flower Candles are Green.
Their packaging is all made from recycled paper.
All ingredients are sustainably sourced, locally produced, organic, bio-dynamic, and biodegradable.
All products are manufactured with controlled water usage and limited waste by family run businesses in chemically free environments.
The featured Ocean candle has an incredibly cleansing effect when burned.  It opens the lungs and cools the skin on contact.  Red Flower Candles are loaded with 15% essential oil content, much higher than the standard 2 – 6%.  They use a cosmetic grade, natural, soft wax that ensures an even, slow, and clean burn.  Average burn time for the large candles is 45 – 50 hours and for the mini’s is 15 hours.
The redflower Ocean candle is perfect for smudging a room of unwanted aroma.  We recommend it for any situation where cleansing and refreshing the air is desired.

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