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(Em)power To The People

logoRemember $4 a gallon gas? It wasn’t that long ago and it will likely return. Since then, the people of the world have experienced some challenging times but we feel secure in stating that sometimes, this can bring out the best in people. People are going back to basics in good ways that we can get on board with. Tooling around town you see more and more bike riders on the roads. We think this is one of those examples of something good growing from a foundation of adversity.

Bikers are a breed of people that thrive on the Do It Yourself (DIY) ethic.  It makes sense, as since this mode of transportation is based solely on the bike operator with little else helping them along (except, obviously, the bike).  So when it comes to maintenance and repair of your bike, it’s best to DIY.  But wait. What if you don’t have the tools to true a wheel or the knowledge to fix that derailer?  Here’s a solution:

Head to the Northside neighborhood and stop in the Mobo Bike Co-op.

The Mobo Co-op is a fully operational bike shop with tools and volunteer mechanics to provide advice and direction. There is but one manifesto, you have to work on your bicycle yourself (Were you expecting anything else?).  The Co-op additionally organizes rides and events promoting bicycling. With everything from youth workshops to women’s night this group provides the community a full calendar of bicycling programs. One of our favorites is their organized warehousing of donated and disassembled bikes from which volunteers refurbish old or construct reinvented cycles for kids who need bikes in the neighborhood.  We find this to be a brilliant and charming method of recycling.

Check out the Co-op’s video for a quick insight into the organization.

Mobo’s Vision and Mission statements are shear perfection. With goals like these,  all bikers in Cincinnati should stop by and share in these wonderful sentiments.

Michael Spurrier. HighStreet. Cincinnati

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