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Gus* Upcycle Ottoman

Gus* Upcycle Ottoman

It’s true.  HighStreet lifestyle shopping will soon be available to everyone in the United States.  We have had numerous requests and inquiries as to our internet intentions and now we have an answer, and the answer is yes.

Actually, we are thrilled to be a part of this brave new world.  We have enjoyed blogging very much.  It is exciting to bring the HighStreet mix to so many new people and the idea of opening the minds of modernists and non-modernists everywhere has us practically giddy.

Thank you for visiting, for following HighStreet through various methods of social networking (see the HighStreet Postings Page for interactive options…) and seriously, stay tuned.

SHOPHIGHSTREET.COM.  Debuting  Autumn, 2009

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  1. D R E W says:

    wow, congrats, guys!

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