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White Brite

contemporary butterflies under glass

contemporary butterflies under glass by Image Surgery via

Are you a collector of pretty little things? We love pretty little things, collecting charming vintage animal figurines, pillows made with luscious designer fabrics, and piles upon piles of books on subjects ranging from Edgar Allen Poe to antique Turkish textiles. Collecting is a wonderful pastime, but some of us minimalists might find the collections of “stuff” a bit overwhelming. How on earth can your offbeat sentimental stuff look smart, purposeful and modern?

A simple answer? Place it on a white backdrop.

You can make a bold statement by cleverly hanging collections of colorful artwork, photographs, or accessories on a simple white wall. Your beloved treasures become the focal point of your room, like pieces of art in a modern museum. For this reason, white is a great color to use in children’s rooms. Their toys become edgy little sculptures by a some contemporary Japanese artist. White is exceptionally grounding for those who love color but require the dicipline of good design. It create a climate of balance in a room,  offering  your objects an air of sophistication.

We’ve laid out a few different takes on displaying colorful collections.


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