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Another Reason to Love Radiohead

Artwork to accompany the new Radiohead tune

Artwork to accompany Radiohead's new song "These Are My Twisted Words"

Attention all Radiohead fans: Geniuses Thom Yorke & Co. have once again bestowed gifts upon us. In the spirit of their 2007 effort, In Rainbows, Radiohead has put a newly finished song up on their website free for the taking.

When you download “These Are My Twisted Words,” you get an artwork file along with the audio file. They suggest you print the twisted woods images onto tracing paper and arrange them in an order that you see fit.

“These Are My Twisted Words” is available at no charge on their website. Go to and get it.


Radiohead via

Radiohead via

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  1. holly says:

    we have radiohead on right now at the office! helps keep those creative juices flowing

    -holly – designer – baxter design group

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