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Style Spotter Gets Serious – The Sartorialist

Satorialist Satorialist two
Satorialist three We are fortunate at HighStreet to have stylish friends-who-are-also-customers.  We love the parade of innovative individuals sporting both striking and quietly clever fashion.  Sometimes they even tip us off. When our friend April suggested that we would probably be as in love with the Sartorialist Blog as she was, it was a matter of days before that came to pass.  Scott Schuman, who is the “Sartorialist”, worked in the fashion industry for many years, left and pursued photography and, being unsure about classical fashion photography as his new career, began something he never imagined he would – a blog.

In its brief life the Sartorialist has become one of the most influential style sources in the world.  Scott Schuman just just spent his sixth season attending the shows in Milan, New York and Paris for and has a book coming out in this month (August 12) through Penguin.  (Yes, we will carry this book).

Time Magazine listed the Sartorialist at one of the Top 100 Design Influences.

What we like is the emphasis on personal style.  It is true, the blog includes a plethora of premium fashionistas proving that he is pulling from a somewhat elite pool of fashion-show attending New Yorkers, Parisians and Italians, however, Scott seems to posses a sincere appreciation for the marvelous innovation produced by the motivated individual.  Further, there is evidence throughout the archives that he believes both in the power of the face and the importance of attitude.

Another plus is his consistent inclusion of men’s fashion. He shines particular light on the subtle and sometimes under-exposed world of the well-dressed man and in doing so seems to free the so-called stronger sex a bit from the bondage of the mundane.

Leah Spurrier. HighStreet

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