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HighStreet People: Tanya Hoggard

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NAME:  Tanya Hoggard

BIRTHDAY:  March 31st  (Aries)

HOME: Oakley. Cincinnati. Ohio

WORK: Delta Airlines. Flight Attendant. Photographer. Adventurer. Product Designer. Curator.

MOTIVATION: “Sadness”  I know it sounds kinda crazy but  I’m motivated by the things that make you sad.  I’m apt to take a nasty, terrible situation and try to give it -whatever it might be, something in return that is thought provoking and positive. I like the flip side of things and find it fascinating to see things differently through the enlightenment that comes from adversity.

OBJECTS  OF AFFECTION: My cat TYKE.  Freedom – particularly to travel at will. Trader Joe’s lip balm.   My Holga camera. Film- not digital. Absolut Pear Vodka. Gap Outlet shoping. Good health. BORN Boots. Strong people. Strong colors

OTHERWISE OBSCURED FACT: I used to be a hellion – I “borrowed” my Grandmothers’ yellow Toyota when I was eight years old.

TANYA’S  HIGHSTREET: The Highstreet gang is always there to help me see things in a different way — personally and aesthetically.

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