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The Cooling of Fountain Square…

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Like hanging out?  We do too.  Even though the redevelopment of Fountain Square doesn’t seem to us as much of an improvement over the old layout as most people claim, we still love the Tyler Davidson fountain. As my feisty father-in-law once called her “the Statue of Sweaty Palms”, we still get a thrill hanging out with the old gal.

So imagine our delight when we stumbled upon the PNC Summer Music Series, the offering of free, quality music shows mixing it up with the fountain over the weeks of this Summer. We caught the scene last weekend, first grabbing a bite at Via Vite and then only a dozen steps to the building crowd outside.  The atmosphere was surprisingly cool. There were familiar faces.  The scene was friendly, lacking pretense and the music was substantive.  There has been a tradition of activity on the square before, obviously…but this felt a bit different.  It felt like the development of seriously cool, socially-interactive culture forming around these shows.
If you’ve never made it to the Square to take in the free entertainment scene, this might be the Summer to do it.
Here is the Schedule:
    • Tuesdays – Southern Sounds – Country & Southern-roots based bands
    • Wednesdays – World & Global Music – Celtic, Reggae, etc.
    • Thursdays – Salsa Music (which usually mean Salsa dancing.)
    • Fridays – Indie bands (This is what we caught and it was good.)
    • Sundays – Smooth R&B and DJ’s (There are good DJ’s on the roster)
  • In addition to numerous nearby restaurants, food and beer are served on the square.
    Michael Spurrier. HighStreet. Cincinnati

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  1. D R E W says:

    it’s amazing how much the general perception of the square (and downtown) has changed since it’s renovation.

    i don’t mind the design of the new square. i just wish that ugly 5/3 building would go away so the square could fill the entire block.

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