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An Audio Gem

Jason Bentley in the booth

We gave you the scoop on the group ZERO 7 and many others thus far but now we’re ready to blow it wide open (so-to-speak).

We love finding great music and rely on certain sources to assist us in this quest. Propelled by passion we have found a few haunts that stimulate and fulfill, but most pleasant and perhaps our most beloved is the legendary radio station KCRW in Santa Monica, CA.

This public radio station offers the latest and most cutting edge music out there. Now led by the masterful music director Jason Bentley who is not only an on-air personality but also a renowned producer and mixer in his own right, KCRW has a program for any type of music that you want.

Bentley was the man who first caught on to the genius of LCD Soundsystem, before anyone knew that name.  He has an impeccable ear and the ability to predict where music is headed as swiftly as he is cool…and he is very cool.  His radio voice is deep, smooth and resonant in a way that harkens back to the time when radio was a classy place to be.

Streaming online via their website ( or on itunes (radio stations – public radio), anyone has access to their programming. You can listen to the live on-air channel, a music channel, or their news channel. They have excellent app for the iphone that makes them totally portable.

In addition to music, KCRW produces shows devoted to art, architecture, food, politics, films, and books. Some terrific concerts around the country are sponsored by KCRW and they are simulcast on repeaters throughout California. This is truly a wide and long reaching station.

The show Morning Becomes Eclectic hosted formerly by Nic Harcourt and now Jason Bentley has long been an influential program that has new bands scrambling to get on.

We could continue to gush about this station but it is time for you to find a bit of it for yourself. Try the Garth Trinidad or Raul Campos shows and see what we mean. You will be immersed in the innovative sounds that make have been inspiring the HighStreet Team for some time.

Michael Spurrier. HighStreet. Cincinnati

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