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Red Flower Hammam


Summer is here…time to show off your goods!  If you’re in need of a lift, redflower’s “Hammam” Lemon Coffee-Blossom Olive-Stone Coffee Scrub – will leave your legs looking great, almost as if they’ve just been botoxed and the feeling, well let’s just say your senses will thankee.  You may even find yourself – eager to show them off at the pool at the first opportunity.  This complex concoction of coffee, black olive, crushed almond, sugar, neroli, orange peel, lemon rind and fresh lemon juice will invigorate your skin in a way that is nothing short of exceptional.

Surprisingly and thankfully, coffee, when applied topically,  helps decrease the formation of cellulite by redistributing fat cells, as well as tightening and shrinking blood vessels and reducing the appearance of varicose veins.  Another key ingredient here is black olive which provides special nourishment for the skin, making it soft and smooth.  This superb, stimulating scrub uses crushed almonds and sugar to improve blood flow, while sloughing off dull skin cells.  At 62 bucks this 14.5 ounce tub of wonder will last you many summers to come…unless you go crazy with your usage….which is a danger with this product because as you begin to spread onto your wet skin this exotic recipe, the subtler fragrances release from the scrub and the experience is fantastic.  This is an androgenous product, so share with you neighbor, girl or boy!

Becky Schneider. HighStreet. Cincinnati

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