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HighStreet People: Brent Miller

Brent Miller

Name: Brent Miller

Birthday:  Feb. 12, Aquarius.

Where is Home?  Gateway Quarter, Over-The-Rhine. Cincinnati

Where he works. What he doesProcter & Gamble Beauty. External Relations. Social & Media Networker. World Traveler.

His Motivation? “Everyday is an adventure and you have to find excitement from the trivial to the interesting.”

Objects of Affection: Recovered objects as art. Obscure cultural references to things only someone a generation older should know. Female singers (Neko Case. Brandi Carlile. Patty Griffin, etc.).  My passport. Alexander McQueen. Enlightening conversation. Rose Kennedy (vodka, soda, slight hint of cranberry with a lemon).  My niece and nephew.

Otherwise Obscured Fact: ” On my first day of work in the Clinton White House, I managed to fall down the grand staircase and land in front of the China Room as the Secretary of State walked by. Although she did not help me up, she did observe that the fall was likely painful.  I am still unsure if it was a reference to a physical injury or my dignity.”

Brent’s HighStreet:  As a design client, he loved HighStreet’s “ability to take new concepts and tailor them to fit his style.”  HighStreet created a montage featuring twenty-one vintage license plates he inherited from his grandfather. “Not only do I love the way they look, but they are even better because of the personal association with my grandpa.”

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