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It’s the small stuff…

Styled shot

The demystifying of Interior Design is something of importance to us.  We aspire to empower all with the delight that intuitive design can bring to one’s life.  The best stylists in the world know how to draw directly from their instincts to create synergistic spaces from the simplest objects.  Observe the objects in this photo styled by Scott Horne.  It is the simple mingling of personal-looking acquisitions that bring this scene to life, successfully achieving a look that is both beautiful, and personal.

This is typically the natural evolution for the home of an individual.  As we are drawn to certain categories and colors over and over again…we effortlessly create an accidentally coordinated, well-design world.  Though the placement of objects can be key, keep in mind it’s not so tough when you give yourself permission to simply play with your possessions out in the open.  Place them here and there.  Experiment with what can be the pleasantly surprising alchemy of lifestyle – your lifestyle.

Leah Spurrier. HighStreet

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