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A Summer of Excellence.

Met Home "Summer Living"It is not unheard of for those we admire in the fashion and design publishing industry – to take a bit of an unofficial break each year in the form of their “Summer Issue.”  We all know this and it’s okay by us.  We quickly thumb through our hot weather issues, take in a few pleasant pool-side images, which seem all-too quickly followed by the inevitable block of ads that indicate the experience is over a bit before it began. As we file the issue on the table we are comforted in the knowledge that our comrades will compensate by working diligently to blow our minds with their September Issues. This is not the case this year for Metropolitan Home.

Met Home‘s “Cool Summer Issue”  this July/August is full of substance, particularly architectural and innovative.  I took it to dinner with me, dining alfresco with my husband.  I began to peruse its pages, fully expecting to be done before the appetizer arrived.  As I got into it, I found that this issue was full of great content. In fact, not only was I not through with it after the entrée, I was so inspired that I asked my husband to go through it with me again once we got home so that we might discuss certain ideas that might be relevant to the design of our new house.

Beginning with a beautifully-captured wooden dock scene displaying the header “Summer Living” on page fifty-one, Met Home‘s summer layout of top notch design projects includes getaways from upstate New York and the Texas Hill Country, to Jackson Hole and Puerto Rico.  Of particular interest was the feature on the acclaimed Hix Island House in Vieques, Puerto Rico… but that’s personal—we go to Vieques every chance we get and have visited this successfully-conceived bed and breakfast during our time there.

Metropolitan Home July/Aug 2009

Metropolitan Home July/Aug 2009

Each project featured in this layout has something to offer that is stimulating.  The exterior shot of a home in New York by architects Joe Tanney and Robert Luntz is a striking example of excellent, modern composition and the interior walls comprised of hot-rolled steel impress as they set the tone for the well-appointed interior.  At the Texas home featured in the magazine, an outdoor passageway is industrial, fun and functional without being overbearing, and the bonus of a lakeside napping pavilion from the same project is a scene that inspires lazy envy.

Next, a Swedish-influenced bedroom that demonstrates the beauty and value of an excellent textile placed in the perfect setting. This spare, primarily white retreat offers a refreshing respite from the wood, steel and concrete previously featured.  As you progress, you will encounter the disciplined playfulness of yet another excellent modern project.  The Mondrian-inspired Jackson Hole house designed by Eric Logan delivers a crisp finish that leaves you pleasantly lightheaded.

You would think there could be no more—and then, crammed in, before you reach the modest spread of advertisements, is an outrageously edgy English garden. Both genius and frivolous, it ends this summer journey unexpectedly, burning an image of a secret pool into your mind that cannot be removed.

If you have a hankering to journey through a portfolio of excellent American design this summer, make sure to pick up Metropolitan Home.  Bravo.

Leah Spurrier. HighStreet

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