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“How to make Boy Shorts”

Handmade in Brooklyn under the watchful eye of the Statue of Liberty the designs by “ruffeo hearts lil snotty” are hittin’ perfectly on the pulse of the moment.  This group works out of “Parachute Studios” an artist’s collective in Redhook, Brooklyn.  They begin each day by first doing a funny dance before getting down to the business of making their original clothes.

From the freakishly-fun undies to their space-age-Japan style shirts.  The sporty but fashion y look of this clothing line is refreshing and unmistakable while being one hundred percent recycled.  Each piece is fashioned from existing sportswear.  The designers of “ruffeo hearts lil snotty” Sarah and R. Mackswell Sherman produce these hand-made goods for sale on and wholesale to select retailers.

R. Mackswell started his fashion career inadvertently while in the practice of puppetry and speed-rapping.  He took a costuming class and discovered he was good.  Even on Etsy you can tell.  The clothes appear well-made and possess a strangely elevated aesthetic in construction and composition – though the subject matter is utterly whimsical.  This combination makes for the best kind of fashion product, in our humble opinion.  Not only are the pieces well-made and hand-made – they are so cool, they are even fun to look at.

A custom piece was recently fashioned by R. Mackswell for journalist Mo Rokka during a segment on “CBS Sunday Morning”.  Mo made an appearance in his one-of-a-kind hoody on “the Martha Stewart Show”.  Martha seemed impressed, though,  in keeping with tradition, she did not pass up an opportunity to demonstrate her unending knowledge of craft making by correcting Mo on one technical, sewing-related point.

Honestly, there was no denying, even Martha agreed- the shirt looked awesome on him.

In creating their business, Sarah and Mackswell wanted to be a part of a movement for social change.  Making something from discarded materials…something made excellently without taking itself too seriously?  That’s seems like a good start.

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