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HighStreet People: Dana Hamblen


Name: Dana Hamblen.

Birthday and Sun Sign: April 5.  Aries.

Where is Home: Camp Washington.

Where she works & What she does: Administration and Client Services for Lightbourne ( a motion design production studio in Cincinnati ). Basically “I’m the Mom of the building”. Dana plays in two rock bands, The Fairmont Girls and Culture Queer. She must have decided she wasn’t busy enough so she recently opened a hip, guerrilla fashion store/gallery in Camp Washington called Chicken Lays an Egg, featuring vintage clothes, furniture, accessories, and trinkets…all sporting a specific flare that is signature to Dana’s style.

Most exciting work she does professionally: Art Direction,  Styling for Video Production, and Still Photography.

Most exciting work she does as an amateur: Playing rock-n-roll

Why does Dana love HighStreet? She loves the book and magazine selection, the displays, and the mix of vintage and new. “To put it bluntly, I just rip off your ideas”

Most interesting thing about Dana: “My originality”, even though as she puts it – she “rips it off from other people,” that and her collection of striped socks.

What HighStreet thinks: Being inspired by others is an age-old and necessary tradition.  HighStreet thinks Dana is one of the coolest, and most original people we’ve met (period).

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